SIFER exhibition Lille 2019

LAGOLIGHT will be on the SIFER exhibition that will take place in Lille, Grand Palais Exhibition Centre, from 26 to 28 march 2019.

SIFER is the International Exhibition of Railway Technology.

Come and visit our stand 2-646! 

Bracket for helmet
Use a headlamp with a helmet ? Nothing is easier now thanks to the CLICAS bracket developped by LAGO Pro 
Not just a torch, this is a Gripper
The last lamp in the LAGO Pro range is now available.
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he ATEX standard is laid out in two European directives concerning explosive environments (directives 1994/9/CE and 1999/92/CE). The first directive refers to electric equipment which can be used in the presence of explosive gases, the second defines the minimum precautions to be taken when working in the presence of explosive gases.

Group I or II: equipment which can be used in mines are classified separately under "Group I". Whereas Group II covers all other equipment (particularly those used in industrial environments).
Zones are classified in terms of the existing risks of explosion: risks related to the presence of gas and/or dust.
"Zone 0" for gas (or 20 for dust) is a zone in which the atmosphere is explosive at all times or during long periods (more than 1,000 hours per year). This zone is suitable for materials of "category 1."
"Zone 1" for gas (or 21 for dust) refers to a location or an explosive environment that may frequently occur during the normal operation of the installation (10 to 1,000 hours per year); in these zones one can consider that there may be contact with the gas (or dust for zone 21). This zone is suitable for materials of "category 2."
"Zone 2" for gases (or 22 for dust) refers to a zone in which an explosive environment may occasionally occur during normal operation, but only for short periods (less than 10 hours per year); we can consider the definition of "Zone 2" (or 22 for dust) to be a zone that is located near to a "Zone 1" (or 21). This zone is suitable for materials of "category 3."

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